Friday, February 10, 2012

The Beginning of a New Semester :-)

              So its been about 2 weeks since i last updated this , lastly i was telling you guys about the upcoming pastors conference. Well its over now, so i can give you guys an update. The conference was great, David Guzik my old director here was the speaker, along with a man named Sandy Adams. It was so nice to see old friends again, and meet new ones. It was a great fellowship time, as well as a great time to just here about what God is doing throughout all of Germany, and other parts of Europe too. The hardest part though, saying goodbye to everyone.
             With the end of the conference i moved from our little apartment, back into the villa. They have me in room 3 this semester. check out my room here. It was so nice for me to get to move into a nice room like this
at the apartment, it has a bit of a mold problem, so it was difficult living
there with my dust allergies. Also there were some other reasons i wanted
to leave too, like lack of internet. I'm really enjoying being on campus again one of the things the students didn't like last semester, was they said the staff was a bit distant, so i'm right on campus now, and i hope this helps me to get closer to the students, i feel that is really important seeing as i'm the Men's Discipleship leader.
        Speaking of the students, they all are here now, last Saturday was our orientation day, so the semester has begun!!!!! all students got here safe, so praise the Lord. The new students are saying they feel at home i hope to put up a class picture soon whenever we take one. The only draw back, was that we ran out of heating oil, so we were without heat for probably about a week. Which we refilled in December, so how we lost all of the oil, none of us really know.
       I had my first class this past Tuesday, and the students really seemed to enjoy it as well. No one came from the Siegen youth group, i was a little disappointed, but hey what can you do, the only thing i can ask is that you guys pray for the youth to come, or just in general that the Lord would really show us a way to connect the youth group and the bible college. The class itself as i said, we are going through the life of King David, and the class is challenging us, and gearing us to become men after God's own heart. I'm still looking for a way maybe where i could post the class here, or maybe online through the bible college so you guys could listen to it every week. Just remember it is geared toward youth the class. Next week we are covering 1 Sam 17 and 18, the battle of David and Goliath, the class is every Tuesday at 1:30pm Philly time or 19:30 German time, if you guys could just remember to lift me up in prayer that day, it would be awesome :-)
       As for personal things, im still working on setting myself up with the missions organization Shepherd staff. Still waiting for a few more letters to come in, and then i have my interview. As for now though Calvary Philly hasn't had there meeting yet to see how they could support me, i don't know when that meeting will be, Carlos the missions director said it would be in the next couple weeks, because they meet quarterly. So please pray for that, and that i would get the support to be out here.
       Financially it's been interesting, more fun with the cell phone company, but this time there only over charging me $50. Then of course i have that speeding ticket from when i was rushing back from my uncle Joergens funeral. That was my own stupid fault though. I still am in need of support, again im not quite a missionary yet, but if you would like to help me out in anyway just let me know. I was looking into what i have to do to get a work Visa out here, but for Americans who arn't married to a German, it can be very difficult which i have been noticing.
        Besides that me and Sara are better, we both were under a lot of spiritual warfare these past couple weeks, but thank the Lord that he was faithful to get us through it. Please as always pray for our relationship as well.  

I love and miss all of you guys, please continue to keep me in your prayers

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